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 World Beat is the concept of Dave Kaspersin.
 As President of Dynamic Recording, the recording 
studio and independent label he founded in 1975, 
Dave has enjoyed a long career producing wonderful 
music in every genre. The combination of these 
multi-talented musicians has resulted in World Beat - 
truly an experience in the real harmony that diverse 
energies and the creative flow generate in the evolving 
music of our world.

   Alfred St. John, from the Caribbean Island of Trinidad, 
is the venerable leader of the Trinidad and Tobago Steelband 
and he performs throughout the Northeastern United States 
at concerts, festivals, educational institutions, 
private functions, and special events. His many 
recording credits include Caribbean Romance, 
Tramper's Dynamic Christmas, Many Voices, Many Visions, 
all on the Dynamic label, as well as guest appearances 
on a variety of additional recordings.

   Omar Faruk Tekbilek - is internationally recognized as a 
premier mid-eastern percussionist, and Nay, Oud, and Baglama 
player. Omar Faruk tours throughout the world performing in 
concerts, music festivals, and a variety of venues. 
His numerous recording credits include collaborations 
with Brian Keane (Celestial Harmonies label), 
Alfred St. John and Mitzie Collins 
(World Resonance on the Dynamic label), and many others.

   Wayra (Jaime Rodriguez) originally hails from Peru. 
With his band Llaquatamaya he toured throughout 
Europe performing in a variety of venues - from the 
Munich Symphony to festivals - and  his collaborations 
have resulted in numerous recordings. His instruments 
are the pan flutes of Peru and native South-American 
flutes, and his recordings include Inca Pacha 
World Of The Andes and Inca Pacha Spirit Winds -  
as well as his solo efforts:  Wayra - A Collection of 
Contemporary and Native American Themes, 
The Wolf Dance, and Songs of Peace And Love.

   Jerry Brongo is a Rochester, NY, native 
whose performance credits encompass many
 bands and solo performances in the greater
 Rochester area. As well as performing, Jerry is
 a studio musician, composer and arranger, 
and he has added his special touch to countless 
recordings on the Dynamic Recording label in
 every imaginable musical style. 

   Geraldine Elliott has enjoyed many successful 
musical careers - New York State marimba champion, 
performer during the big band era, music teacher, 
church organist and choir director, and recording artist. 
Her guest appearance playing the Steinway grand piano 
on The Old Lamplighter marks her sixth Dynamic Recording release. 

    With the exception of Pan Vibes, Many Voices Many Visions,
and The Old Lamplighter, the selections on this recording are 
the result of the collaborations of these fine musicians,
under the production of Dave Kaspersin between April, 1998, 
and the fall of 2000.

Charlotte Clarke, pictured on the CD back, is the  
composer of Many Voices Many Visions - 
the theme song of her award winning weekly 
public affairs television program (of the same name) on WOKR-TV.  
  The Old Lamplighter is a romantic song from 
the post World War II era, the haunting melody 
of which makes it a personal favorite of the producer. 
An astute listener will even hear our Dynamic dog, Tramper,
barking at The Old Lamplighter as he makes his rounds...
Yes, Tramper has a web site too.

   Thank you for purchasing this recording! 
We all hope that you experience many hours 
of pleasure and relaxation listening to these melodies and rhythms. 
Please visit the artists of World Beat at their web sites,
and be sure to drop us a line. 
We would love to hear if you enjoy World Beat! 
Additional recordings on the eclectic Dynamic label 
can be viewed at  dynamicmusic.com, where you 
can see the recordings, meet the artists, and hear sound clips. 
And, our radio station wdyn.net broadcasts the music of 
our independent artists to the world! 
				Happy listening! Dave & Jackie Kaspersin

An exciting collaboration of
internationally recognized musicians:
Alfred St. John, Caribbean Steel Pans,
Vocal Whistling on The Old Lamplighter
Omar Faruk Tekbilek
 Mid-Eastern Percussions, Nay, Oud, Baglama
Jerry Brongo                                             
Steinway  Grand Piano, Keyboards, Strings

with Special Guest on Equitorial Bliss 
and Many Voices, Many Visions
Wayra Rodriguez 
Peruvian Pan Flutes, South American Flutes

and Special Guest on The Old Lamplighter
Geraldine Elliott, Steinway Grand Piano
  Produced By David Kaspersin
Engineered By Chris Brazener
Recorded, engineered, mixed, and  mastered at 
Dynamic Recording, Rochester, NY
Layout, design, liner notes: Jackie Kaspersin
dynrec.com/worldbeat       800.816.4262
Cover Artwork By AMT Photographic,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  alan@amtphoto.com

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