World Beat is the original concept of Dynamic Recording president Dave Kaspersin. The album is a collection of instrumental sketches set around the theme of women as life givers of the planet, and the artists are a diverse group of international musicians. Turkish composer/performer Omar Faruk Tekbilek is one of the world's premier Middle Eastern percussionists and a skilled player of such instruments as the nay, oud, and baglama. Alfred St. John, from the island of Trinidad, is the venerable leader of the Trinidad & Tobago Steelband. Wayra, originally from Peru, performs with Peruvian pan flutes and native South American flutes. Jerry Brongo, a native of Rochester, NY, is an accomplished performer, studio musician, composer, and arranger. Their musical diversities unite to create a stirring mosaic that seeks to remind us of the value of life and of our similarities rather than our differences. Throughout this celebration of the human spirit, the artistry of these four musicians is unmistakable. As they evoke peaceful images of cultural harmony and the simple joys in life, their gifted performances attest to the true harmony that diverse energies can create. World Beat is an altogether enjoyable journey that serves as enlightenment for both the mind and the soul. David Harris

AMG Magazine