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Great Eagle Flying With The Wind - Wayra

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  1. Honor To The Mother Earth Heal The World Arranged By Wayra
  2. Precious Waters Traditional, Arranged By Wayra
  3. Ceremony to Save Our Planet Arranged By Wayra
  4. Great Spirit Dance Arranged By Wayra
  5. The White Feather Arranged By Wayra
  6. Coyote Dream Arranged By Wayra
  7. Ancestors Arranged By Wayra
  8. The Sacred Fire Arranged By Wayra
  9. I Miss You Arranged By Wayra
  10. Ancient Voices Arranged By Wayra, the Wind
  11. Peace And Unity Great Eagle

"Great Eagle Flying With The Wind", is presented as a tribute
to the peoples Seminole, Navajo, Hopi, Apache, Lakota, Inca,
Aztec, Cherokee, Comanche and many others.
These spiritually rich cultures that flourished in ancient
times left a wonderous legacy of enchantment and mystery.
Wayra, the Wind, with the participation of Great Eagle (Seminole tribe), takes listeners on a spiritual journey melding Native american flutes, pan pipes, whistles, drums, and rain forest sound effects with evocative atmospheres and modern New Age instrumentation.
This song symbolizes the delicate balance between humankind and nature.
The music represents the heartbeat of humanity. the water is essential to sustain life...
without water all life stops.
Let's all take care of Mother Earth.

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